Hi, I am an italian girl who loves Pokémon. I usually shiny hunt on Y.
FC: 0447-5907-0973
IGN: Aurora
Halloween theme: ON!


It’s happening. I suppose it was a matter of time. Still no abilities, Diancie looks like a more powerful Carbink (as well as a very nice Rock-type waifu);
Hoopa has a very nice Sp. Atk. but it’s slow; Volcanion is a Heatran with a cool typing and a move that totally looks like Scald with more burn accurancy.
On /vp/ someone tried to calculate their base stats:

Make them ~ 70/115/120/120/89/71
For reference the 100% confirmed stats are:

Attack, Special Attack, and probably Speed(base 51 iv matches with smea’s screenshot) for Diance.
Defense, Speed, and probably sp.def for Volcanion
HP, Attack, and Special Defense for Hoopa

I hope I can add something new soon.